Who we are

Gordon Tartan is a London-based niche management consultancy providing advisory services and interim management to Professional Services and IT companies.

More specifically, we are focussed upon helping clients in these two adjacent (and often overlapping) sectors to meet their business goals in both:

  • creating enterprise value; and
  • delivering this value to shareholders through a sale or other form of (full or partial) exit.

The scope of what we do

We work with our clients to lead and/or support critical commercial functions:

  • from development of strategy – to plan for value creation;
  • through effective commercial management and contractual negotiation – to grow and protect value;
  • to managing an exit - to capture and deliver shareholder value.

The key functions upon which we focus are:

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Why engage Gordon Tartan?

  • We have a great depth of experience in the sector and the relevant critical commercial management functions.
  • We have a commitment to professionalism, integrity and excellence in delivery.
  • We have a very clear focus on creating and delivering shareholder value for our clients.

For further information and to discuss requirements, contact

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